100 Things to Thank!

100 things to thank

What would your day be like if you said thank you to 100 things in your life? – Kat Frati Think about it? I tried it today and it didn’t take me that long to thank ten things. I started with giving thanks for the gluten-free dark roast coffee ice cream cone I had at […]

My Open Heart (Surgery)

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At 52 years old, I am having open heart surgery this month. If you knew me, you would be surprised. I am tall, fit, and look very healthy. Through the last decade, I have fully embraced the concept of “wellness” through exercise, eating right, meditation, and choosing LOVE as the guiding principal of my life. I […]

An Ant’s Life


And they discovered something very interesting: When it comes to walking, most of the ant’s thinking and decision-making is not in its brain at all. It’s distributed. It’s in its legs.— Kevin Kelly I drive through the woods late at night, the headlights illuminating the tree trunks, and I notice their circumference. Some are thick and […]


“Some men go fishing all their lives without realizing that it is not fish they are after.” – Henry David Thoreau I grew up fishing. My family had a log cabin high on the banks of the Brule River in Wisconsin. We would go up there for weeks at a time to get away from […]

Because You Know I’m All About that Bill…


It’s time to start getting a handle on the value of money. After thinking about the purpose of money in your life, it’s time to start looking at your money. Looking your money? That’s right, let’s try it out. Take out some money from your current stash. (We all have a stash, don’t we?) Spread it out […]

Mothers Out of Balance

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This blog is dedicated to my friend, Brandy–a career mom who knows it’s time to make a shift in her life. While this grownUPgirl blog is designed for graduating girls who are ready to leave the nest and create a wonderful life for themselves, I’d like to address some of the changes that their mothers […]

Design Your Day

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“There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.” ― Gautama Buddha Do you sometimes feel like the day goes by and you haven’t really done anything productive or fun? Do you have dreams that you would like to fulfill, but you just can’t seem to find time to make them happen? Do you […]

Rolled Oats

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“Wild oats will get sown some time, and one of the arts of life is to sow them at the right time.” Richard Le Gallienne Oats! A plant and grain used in so many ways, from making Scottish oat cakes to energizing horses. Oats are a very versatile staple in my house. I keep a jar […]

The Message is in the Stars

Space background

Hello Girlfriends, One of my favorite things to do at night is to look up at the stars. I imagine how far the stars are from me, how large they really are, and how many of them there are in the universe. (Scientists will probably say infinity.) I then come back down to earth and […]