What would your day be like if you said thank you to 100 things in your life? – Kat Frati

Think about it?

I tried it today and it didn’t take me that long to thank ten things.

I started with giving thanks for the gluten-free dark roast coffee ice cream cone I had at my favorite stop. I continued on my drive home.

Thank you for…

  • My car which I love (thank you Camry Hybrid for being so zippy and fuel efficient)
  • The beautiful color yellow in the yield sign (thank you yield sign for being so vibrant)
  • My health as I watch an elderly woman cross the road with a severe limp (thank you legs for being so healthy and limber)
  • The nice music playing on my radio (thank you Jason Mraz for having such a gorgeous voice, with lyrics to match)
  • Colorful, leafy trees (thank you trees for specular fall colors)
  • A nice dry box for my mail (thank you mailbox for standing so steadfast in any kind of weather)
  • The lovely flowers I bought at Trader Joe’s for $3.99 (thank you gladiolas for your lovely coral color)
  • A perfectly-sized vase for the flowers that I found in the cupboard (thank you glassmaker for making such a beautiful vessel)
  • The sweet smell of our rosa rugosa plant (thank you for blooming for so many weeks)
  • My herb garden in the pots on my porch (thank you for producing such a multitude of flavors)

I was feeling pretty good! I kept going.

  • Thank you blue hydrangea for appearing after an absence last year (I trimmed it too short)
  • Thank you breeze for creating a perfect climate on my deck.

I think you get the point.

Why did I do this experiment? It’s because I wanted to do my part to be a happy, radiating force on this planet. I get very tired of sadness and frustration that surrounds me. I believe I have a choice in how I feel, and who wouldn’t want to feel happy over sad or bad? Sometimes, however, my psyche needs a boost and I thought that this would do the trick.

It did! Actually, it worked so well I am going to make it a new habit. 🙂

Q: What 100 things would you like to thank today (and everyday)?