Benefits_ntwrkingDear friend,

Imagine having your own business and your business partners are your BFFs.
  • Share business tips, successes and celebrations.
  • Inspire each other to grow.
  • Hug each other through the growing pains.
  • Stay in touch every week or month.
  • Go on company-paid vacations together.
  • Drive matching white Mercedes cars.
  • Have enough money to do some charity work together.
  • Live the entrepreneur life together and bliss out often.

This is ALL possible when you team up with a company that uses network marketing to get their products into the hands of those who need them. YOU are the hero in the company’s eyes. Because they don’t advertise or sell their products in storefronts, YOU are their lifeline.

And the company rewards YOU…generously. You are rewarded on the volume of products sold and consumed, with all kinds of things like commissions and bonuses, an earned car & yearly vacation, and other gifts.

You also get OVERRIDES. What are overrides, you ask? They are commissions received—>on the sales made by other people in your business.


Like I said, the company will reward you on the volume of products sold and consumed. Let’s say that your first bonus is received when you find customers for $2500 of product. That might seem a lot to move (at least in the beginning), but what if you had four BFFs who were doing the same thing and each of you only find customers for $500 of product? When you total the volume, you get $2500! BONUS! And what if they build their own teams? BONUSES FOR EVERYONE!

This is the Network Marketing way. This is MY way, too.

I know we are not BFFs right now, but could you use a business partner who is amazingly positive, super smart, energetic, ambitious, creative, caring, and fun?


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