Hello, my name is Kat!

Thanks for visiting my website and perusing my content. I am here to serve you and would love to get to know you better!

I’ll start, okay?


I am 6’2″ tall in heels.

Yup. I was the tallest girl in my high school. All my friends were shorter than I, and the tallest guys dated the shortest girls. (Uggg. Why was that?) I also was TERRIBLE at basketball even though you would think that would be my sport. My height has served me well, though, as I have often been of service in the grocery store grabbing the top shelf cans for short shoppers. My husband is 4 inches shorter than I and my son is 4 inches taller. It all evens out.

I love math.

In fourth grade, my teacher would put me at a different table to do extra math problems because I loved them so much. They are like a fun puzzle to me, and I am a consummate problem-solver type of person. In college, I not only got a degree in Computer Science but went an extra year to get another Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Can you say obsessed? It was actually a bit crazy and I experienced burn-out afterwards, but that’s another story.

I grew up skiing.

Born in Minnesota and of Norwegian-Finnish heritage, I think it is in my blood. I started at age 12 with lace-up boots and too-long wooden skis (borrowed from my mother) and learned to love the moguls by my teens and twenties. It is a sport that I can continue for the rest of my life, which is good since I live in cold, snowy Maine.

I am super crafty.

I spent almost every waking hour in my childhood summers creating crafty pieces of work. I loved to sew, knit, crochet, crewel, embroider, macrame, bead, decoupage, paint, build models…you name it. Another obsession and it continues today. Drives my husband crazy because I usually have projects strewn all over the dining room table.

I am really good at fixing things.

Audio-visual hook ups? No problem. I can also figure out any TV remote you throw at me. Because I have tons of patience AND read directions, putting things together like furniture or toys is fun for me.

I have to have music in my life at all times.

The music is constantly on in my house, car, or office. I attend live musical events at least twice a month. I play several instruments including piano, guitar, and accordion. I have composed some songs and played them on the piano in the lobby of our local hospital. I want to be in a band someday.

I am a really good mom.

My four kids tell me that. Because I was diagnosed with cancer before they were born, they are my greatest gifts and I spoil them rotten with unconditional love and respect. I don’t give them money, though. Just lots of love and support, which is more valuable in the long run.

I know how to survive many of life’s traumas.

We all have traumas and life teaches us something new after each one of them. Pregnancy, cancer, divorce, loss, stroke, open-heart surgery. Sometimes I feel like I have learned enough for a Master’s Degree in Life. But, I guess that is the grand plan for me and I am grateful. Nothing is lost on me. 🙂

I have a big heart.

I have so much love to give others, especially after Dr. Quinn repaired two of my heart valves in 2015. (LOL) I have the gift of being able to see what is blocking you from letting your heart shine for all to see. Many have thanked me for getting them “unstuck” and inspiring them to be bigger. I believe EVERYONE is capable of big love and life!

I love diamonds, sapphires, and pearls.

Yup. Diamonds remind me that I am here to shine. Sapphires remind me of my husband’s favorite color and beautiful blue eyes. Pearls remind me of the purity of the God’s love for me. I usually wear them everyday and my husband spoils me rotten with new jewelry for my collection every year. <3

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