Are you wealthy?

I believe it is very important to learn how to manage your finances well. To me, wealth includes the following things:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Net Worth

My story goes a long way back, but the short version is I graduated high school with no money management skills, didn’t understand the value of a dollar, opened too many credit cards, spent way too much money on clothes and other items using those cards, got myself in a lot of debt, and never had any savings. While the pattern changed after about 10 years, I spent the next 12 years feeling very overwhelmed about spending money. It seemed like I never had enough.

It wasn’t until I got divorced and became a single mom with four kids did I finally start figuring out a better way. With a limited income, I finally started saving money and paying down my debt faster than ever, and developed a sense of peace about money. I started making better choices about my spending, looked for ways to receive even more money, and celebrated my successes by continuously patting myself on the back.

I believe everyone is capable of coming to peace with money and getting on the path towards abundance wealth. It’s all about making the right choices and developing some new habits that support a life that includes abundant wealth.

What is abundant wealth, you ask?

Let’s think big. The word “wealth” means relating to money or other items of worth. The word “abundance” is a relative degree of plentifulness brought on as an influx flow of supply. In other words, lots and lots and lots of money and things coming to you.

This is the mindset you need to first develop to achieve abundant wealth. You need to discover ways to receive, receive and receive. The cool thing is when you actually start opening your eyes and looking for ways to receive, you start noticing them!