I like to look at my life like a collection of gardens.

I have my actual garden outside, but I also have areas in my life that need to be tended just as much as my garden. For instance:

Tending to Myself

This is my primary garden and I often joke that it’s a “full-time job just being me.” As I get older, I seem to take more time tending to my health. I have to be hydrated, eat the right foods, stretch A LOT, move my body daily, and other things that you can find in my Health Plan.

Tending to My Kids

This includes being a good role model for them, having the parenting skills to remind them of their strengths, assisting in developing the tools for their journey, and encouraging the to take joyful steps even though they may be struggling. Lots of hugs and words of encouragement help, too.

Tending to My Relationship with My Husband

I call our relationship the “WE”; that which only exists because we are together. We both know it is our own responsibility to make sure both of us are happy–separate of each other. (Happy with, and happy without.) It is also our duty, however, to make sure that both of us feel emotionally safe to grow through our own challenges without being rejected or affected by the other. This takes some refined relationship skills and sometimes some outside help.

Tending to My Vocation

I am very clear about my mission, but life’s events are numerous and often overwhelm my schedule. Making a commitment to my passion requires setting clear priorities and boundaries, resulting in lots of NOs or asking for help when I can’t do it all. Working through challenges requires a strong set of set of problem-solving skills, at which I am always getting better.

Tending to My World

I believe we are all connected and share this wonderful planet. While I see many leaving unhealthy “tension bombs” all over, I am very careful to observe my effects on others. I know that my actions create a ripple effect on this world, and I prefer them to be healthy and happy for others to feel. I always choose LOVE in my actions and encourage others to do so, too.

Q: What “gardens” are you tending these days?