Do you resonate with the grownUPgirl fundamentals?

Would you like to contribute ideas and stories to the grownUPgirl community?

If so, please contact Kathleen and she can explore some options with you.

For those who have received the green light from Kathleen, here are some general guidelines for writing posts for the grownUPgirl community:

  • The article should be written for one of the five categories: Health, Wealth, Love, Gratitude, or Bliss
  • While the content can be a story, lesson, poem, or other, it should follow the general format for all articles:
    • Catchy, Short Headline
    • Opening inspirational quote
    • Introductory sentence
    • Short supporting paragraphs
    • 300-500 words
    • Closing sentence
    • Discussion Question/Call to Action
  • If you have a specific photo to link to it, please send a small photo (prefer 425 x 282 px @ 72 dpi) with your article. Otherwise, Kathleen will select one from

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