grownUPgirl Mission Statement

The mission of this website is to foster a healthy lifestyle for women of all ages. The website will focus on five fundamental principles:


The website will be populated by words of advice, practical tips, workshops, and inspiring stories from a variety of sources including expert advice, ancient texts, contemporary wisdom, and current success stories from women from all corners of the planet.

The context of the website will be applicable to women of all race, religion, and nationality. It will be fundamental in nature, encompassing skills and habits that ALL women must develop in order to flourish through the rites of passage into adulthood and beyond.

The website will incorporate the best social media technologies to engage and support the women while on the website. It will also use merchandising, such as bracelets, bags, journals, etc., to offer women items to be used as symbols for the five fundamental principles as they attempt to master them.

The website will initially support itself through crowdfunding, sponsors, advertising, referral fees, and merchandising.

Future evolutionary components may include books, workshops/webinars, videos, and micro loans.

If you would like to be a part of this effort, please email me at or call 855-933-4475.

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