Hello, grownUPgirls!

Did you know that every moment that you are alive, you are creating a domino effect on this planet?

How is this so, you ask?

Let’s think about it.

If you meet someone who is grumpy, does it affect your sense of well-being…maybe a little bit? If you get a incredibly warm hug from someone, does it make you feel a bit warm inside?

It does for me.

That person whom you just connected with has had some kind of effect on you, and unless you are a rock, EVERYONE with whom you come in contact will have some kind of effect on you.

And guess what?

YOU will have an effect on everyone who comes in contact with you!

Now…do you think that there is a possibility that the first effect that you had with person #1 might alter your state and affect your contact with the next person with whom you connect?

You betcha!

There is an easy way to visualize this domino effect (or chain reaction).

As a kid, I played with these rectangular tiles called dominoes. While I was never good at the actually rules of the game, I had hours and hours of fun lining them up next to each other, winding them around in all different configurations.


You can see how if the first domino is grumpy, it could spread some of its grumpiness to all of the others.

On the other hand, if the first domino is happy and loving, it can also spread some of its happiness and good feelings to others.

My question to you, my dear friend, is:

Are you good for the Planet?

That is,

Are you spreading love or something other than love right now?

Because, if you are acting in a loving way, you are sending out

the most beautiful domino effect that is possible.

I hope you now see how this is possible.

Next question:

Do you think the planet could use more beautiful dominos?

Heck yes! (I hope this was your answer.)

It is my wish, dear friend, that you realize that at every moment

you have a CHOICE to be a beautiful domino.

It’s so hard to be loving, you say? You don’t FEEL like being loving all the time?

It might be hard to see this, but you are always choosing the way you feel.  Through the foods you eat, how you treat your body, the way you spend your money, the mind messages you tell yourself, and how much you appreciate what you already have…these are choices that define YOU!

It has been my personal experience that when I started really loving myself and making great decisions in all areas of my life,

I became a beautiful domino.

And the more I kept loving myself through eating good nutrient-based foods, going for daily walks, learning to spend my money smartly, listening to positive words from others, and giving thanks for all of the great stuff and people in my life, it became EASY to be that beautiful domino every day.

And guess what? I became so HAPPY! So happy, in fact, that I started

radiating happiness!

How could I tell that I was radiating happiness, you wonder?

I started getting this warm sense of well-being inside me. I found myself smiling all the time and belly laughs started flowing freely. My health improved and my weird pains disappeared. My bank account started to grow. My friendships were more fun and my relationships with my family got so much easier. I met a great guy who brings so much love to my life, and we are now very happily married. I find that rarely am I in a bad mood or unhealthy. I feel like I am a beautiful flower that is flourishing!

I am good for the Planet!

What a wonderful purpose I have discovered for my life…being good for the planet.

I now live everyday with that in mind. It turns out that the planet reciprocates and brings me beautiful experiences and presents everyday, even though sometimes they are in disguise.

My wish for you is to learn how you can be good for the planet through the help of my encouragement, the words and people on this website, and others who have discovered it themselves.

 There’s no day like TODAY to become a beautiful domino!


You can do it!

With much love,




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