Sherry Mud

“Don’t be suspicious of happiness” — Kathleen Frati

My friend, Sherry, posted this on Facebook the other day:

 I have had people ask me, or have heard people say, “she can’t really be that happy & positive.”  Well, you know what? I REALLY am this happy. I see the good in almost everyone/everything. I open my heart & give people a chance. I believe everything happens for a reason (there is always a life lesson if you open your eyes). I have great joy in the little things. I believe if you let positive into the universe, the universe will give it right back to you. (Again if you are open minded enough to see it.) So, I guess my question would be “are some of you really that negative that you have to bitch & complain about every little bump in the road of life?” Life is all about choices. If you don’t like yours, change it. (And it doesn’t cost money either.) If you want to be happy, see more positive and be thankful–because there are many people out there that would be happy with less then what you have!!!

I have known Sherry for many years and have seen her grow into this remarkable state of being. Along the way, she has come to peace with an unbalanced relationship with her mother, revived a 20-year-old marriage that needed new energy, discovered a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise, and learned to “let things go”–all while raising two children and running a daycare in her home.

Sherry is one of my favorite people in my life right now, and her energy is contagious and uplifting. I called her and asked if she would share the top things she does to keep her attitude so high.

Here’s some tips share she shared with me:

  • Sherry learned to take more time for herself and didn’t feel guilty about it. This was huge for her.
  • She found a hobby, which was gardening. She can go into the garden for hours and is able to lose herself in the work, shutting out the outside world for a while.
  • She has learned to not just listen to other people, but actually hear them. She has moved from controlling and giving advice to hearing their side of the story. This has worked well in her marriage.
  • She has gone back to nature–out of the garden–with her diet. She found a good balance with her eating.
  • She signed up for “dirt challenges” to keep her physically challenge. Spending money on this makes her feel good.
  • She let go of things that she doesn’t have any control over. This was tough for her. The stuff that she needed to control was forced upon her when she was young, and she had developed a pattern of acting like that.
  • She “sees” things. She sees the mountain, her garden, her kids, her yard.
  • She has learned to work smarter, not harder. Instead of trying hard to make more money, she has learned to need less instead. She has separated her wants from her needs.

Sherry is a great example of a grownUPgirl in progress. She has learned to identify and embrace her passions, looks for ways to grow them, develops the strength to stick with them, summons her courage when things get tough, holds on tight to her beliefs, and is very thankful for the process.

Q: How can you be more positive in your life?