“Nothing great in the world has even been accomplished without passion.” — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Lately, I have been reading a lot about “finding your passion”. I read so much about it that I actually took a step back from my life the last few years to see if I could discover it.

Do you know what I found out today?

My passion is what I am choosing to do at this very moment.

That’s right.

I used to think it was some grand action plan that I needed to develop to take me to a place higher than I had ever been before. I thought I had to find a way to dig down into my heart & soul and pull out the golden ticket to bliss.

I spent a lot of time listening. Learning to listen. Searching for answers. Asking for answers. Praying for answers. Giving thanks for answers.

And, it worked. I got a lot of great answers in return. My brain filled up with amazing ideas for me to use to make this world a better place.

But there was one problem…I didn’t have time to do them all. I tried to winnow them down to the most important ones and make some shifts in my schedule, but it wasn’t enough. My days were already booked.

You see, I have four children. Even though two have left the nest, I am never off duty when it comes to mothering. Even afar, I make time to connect and support. You see, they are my investments. I have spent over 20 years mentoring my four students of life, and I take it very seriously.

My husband and I also have a new business that we are building. Having our own business is like having another child–it’s 24/7 in one way or another. As we hit growth spurts, it demands a lot of our attention. I love it though, because we are a good team and it is fun to celebrate our successes.

I also have me, myself, and I. Taking care of my health and well-being has become a big priority for me, and sometimes a full-time job. The payoff is I don’t feel as old as I really am, and I hopefully have many more decades left in me to enjoy.

So, today when I was lying on my hammock in my peaceful yard with the trees rustling, birds singing, and music humming, I thought about my pursuit of my passion. It dawned on me that everything in my life represents my passion. My yard with my outdoor furniture, my house with cozy furniture, my pantries filled with healthy food, my family with their smiles and gratitude, our town bordered with the ocean, my state with its mountains and woods, my country with its unparalleled freedoms. Sure, all of these have their flaws, but so do I.

The thing is—I chose all of these to be part of my life, and I maintain them with unbridled passion. I do so by making the most of every moment, even those that don’t always feel good.

I think we are all living our passion right now. The difference is how we choose to maintain it–finding the joy in the tough times, giving thanks for the good times, and cultivating more opportunities that align with actions that feel good to us.

Today, as I was starting to get frustrated that I was not attending to what I thought was my true passion, I ended up going downtown to a outdoor music festival and having a lovely lunch with my youngest child. You see, this blog and website is something I wish I could spend more time on because it makes me so happy to connect with you, and I have so many fun ideas for us. I thought it was my one and only new passion. Oh, was I wrong.

Today, I accepted that my time is limited and was grateful that I was able to take an hour to write this. The cool thing is I wrote it while sitting in on my porch swing with cool music playing and my son chilling on the hammock.

And it all made me really happy. Passion accomplished.