Once upon a time, in a faraway land, or maybe down the street…a princess was born. (YOU!)

The king and queen of this princess were so happy!

At that moment their lives were completely magical and miraculous.

Then…life kicked into high gear.

You started crying, your mother was tired and hungry, you were hungry, and dad (if there even was a dad in the picture) was stressing about ways to help everyone. Life got very hectic very quickly. As the days, months, and years rolled along, you got

molded…scolded…and prodded

into the person you are at this moment.

As your parent learned to care for you,

They were growing up, too.

Let’s take a minute to look at life from your parent’s perspective.

After the magic of bringing you into this world (and it IS magical—believe me), you were one of life’s greatest gifts to them, yet the challenge of caring for you began.

For anyone who has had a dog as a pet, you can begin to understand the daily commitment it takes to make sure it is well cared for. (I think a baby is one hundred times more demanding than a dog.)

Some of you got lucky and grew up in an environment with loving, calm, supportive parents and family.

Some of you did not.

The day you were born, your parents had to make some major adjustments to their lives. Instead of being a 100% free-loving, fun, spontaneous couple, they now had to dedicate a major part of their day attending to your needs. Sure, you were adorable, worth all the work (of course), but caring for a baby 24/7 can quickly take a toll on one’s energy, psyche, and demeanor.

If your parents were not emotionally well-adjusted before your birth, “keeping it all together” might prove to be very challenging. Many, if not all, parents begin feeling a bit overwhelmed and certain areas of their lives might start to crumble.

As the years go by, tempers occasionally flare, tears are shed, money gets tight, houses get dirty and in disrepair, bodies start losing shape and health, moods go up and down…all because of you.

Well, not really because you are quite adorable, but because keeping you adorable requires a lot of work!

(Not to mention patience, love, money, time, and wisdom.)

After 18 years or so, there comes a day when it becomes evident that it is time to leave the castle. That is the time for you to create your own independent, grown-up life.

Yikes! Do/Did I really have to?

Well, yes! It really is the right thing to do. Your parents did it when they were younger, as did most every person on the planet.

Hopefully, your parents trained you fully to leave them and live an abundantly happy life.

They didn’t? You don’t know how to cook? You don’t know how to handle money? You have rocky relationships? You are anxious?

You are not alone.

Did you hear me? You are not alone. The universe has many amazing people to support you in your journey, and I am one of them. I want you to know that I got your back. I believe that you are capable of amazing things. You are worthy of everything you dream about. You are good enough and it is your birthright to be happy.

Did you know that to have the whole enchilada life, you need to do only two things?

  1. Get out of your own darn way
  2. Learn and execute the skills that are essential for your particular happiness.

Yes, it’s that simple. Most of us sabotage our own lives through limited beliefs, insufficient life skill sets, and poor choices.

I want you to be truly happy. Why? Because the planet needs it. It is rough out there and every bit of positivity and love can create a wonderful ripple effect in the world.

Where to start?

  1. Start listening to yourself. You get messages from yourself every moment on how to proceed. Most of you are not listening, though.
  2. Start dreaming. My enchilada life is driven by my dreams and desires. I have allowed myself to imagine a life beyond my comfort zone and abilities. Sky’s the limit!
  3. Learn how to manifest your dreams. I have learned how to imagine me living my dreams before they have even come true. This technique has resulted in miracles beyond miracles!
  4. Take full responsibility for your happiness. No one has the power to make you feel emotions–they are all your choices. When you are feeling anything other than BLISS, you need to ask yourself–what is getting in the way? Did you eat the wrong foods for your body? Did you bounce a check or wasting too much money? Are you choosing fear over love? Are you lacking gratitude and having a pity party for yourself?
  5. Allow yourself to bliss out! I am so surprised by so many people who don’t allow themselves to be happy!

Work on these five steps and you can’t help but transform your life into something quite AMAZING!

My wish for you is to find yourself RADIATING with happiness and love. and becoming healthier, wealthier, happier as you move closer and closer to that lovely feeling of BLISS.

How good for the planet would that be? Go for it, sweet girlfriend!
It is no coincidence that you found me.  Although I will share with you all that I can, I encourage you to pay attention to the other people who come into your life, too–they are there to teach you amazing things and help you through some tough times. (I like to refer to them as Earth Angels.)
Meanwhile, I have one last set of words for you:
Love is the answer.

Hopefully by getting to know me, you will truly understand that this is my secret truth. I ALWAYS choose love in my life. It so easy to do and I can NEVER go wrong with that choice!

Wishing you much love, gratitude, & bliss,


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