This blog is dedicated to my friend, Brandy–a career mom who knows it’s time to make a shift in her life.

While this grownUPgirl blog is designed for graduating girls who are ready to leave the nest and create a wonderful life for themselves, I’d like to address some of the changes that their mothers might be experiencing.

Mothers of graduating girls are generally in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s. During these years, the primary changes that occur are related to an aging body and hormonal shifts approaching menopause. Mothers are finding that the lifestyle that worked well for them in their 20s and 30s (while raising young children), is no longer serving them well anymore. Their energy level is going down while their weight and blood pressure is up. Strange pains are present and unexplained anxiety issues are starting to become bothersome.

Many women go to their doctors for these issues and are prescribed medicines to make the symptoms more tolerable. What they often find, however, is the medicine makes them feel different, but not always in the way that they would like to feel. The blood pressure medicine creates fatigue, the anti-anxiety medicine creates dullness of emotions, and the thyroid medicine can create nervousness and insomnia. Often, women decide to go off the medicines and find alternative therapies, or just deal with it.

What mothers need to realize is:

  • their body has changed,
  • the journey to this point has been 20-30 years long,
  • they need to stop and learn where their body is today through proper tests and evaluations,
  • the shift to a more desirable state of health requires a strategy, patience, and time.

Where does the new journey begin? Today.

My friend, Brandy, knows what’s not working for her. She very clearly articulated what is harming her, and what she used to do to feel great. The problem is she has obstacles today that she didn’t have before. High blood pressure, anxiety, weight gain, energy issues are roadblocks for her. Hitting the streets with AC/DC cranking for a long run is not an option at this time. In fact, most of the tools she used to manage her life don’t apply to her life anymore.

Brandy needs a new set of tools.

She needs a new tool to manage her high blood pressure. Maybe a new hobby or a daily walk around the block, for starts. Sitting still for 15 minutes a day goes a long way, too.

Food sensitivities can cause anxiety in women’s bodies, so Brandy could perform a 5-day food elimination diet to determine what foods trigger ill symptoms. (This could be very surprising for her!)

Stress causes weight gain in menopausal women, so Brandy could pay attention to where she is tense and ask her husband for a daily massage on those areas.

Brandy could also find some coffee substitutes, such as rhodiola, to help her maintain a consistent energy level throughout the day.

These suggestions are just the beginning of the journey back to better health and happiness. Once she starts eliminating her roadblocks, she will start to find and walk through doors of new opportunities that are better appropriate for her “evolved” body and desired lifestyle.

The process will take strategy, patience, time, and probably a support-team of people to support her toward a better place–but it will all be worth it. She will be modeling a good shift for her daughters, and creating a healthier and happier person for the planet.

She will be back in balance.