I am a HUGE fan of the Bullet Journal (BuJo) system created by Ryder Carroll. I started using the system this year and my life has never been so organized, efficient, and calm. That’s saying a lot since I have 4+2 kids, a husband, two businesses, and had open heart surgery less than two years ago. Phew!

I have been using organizational systems to schedule my life since the 1980s when my father introduced me to the Filofax system. Since my father was a pretty successful guy,

“do your to do list every night before you go to bed,”

he advised, I thought I should get comfortable with using it.

I sure did, and I have used some kind of system every year since then from Day-timer, Franklin Covey, David Allen’s GTD, Nozbe, Passion Planner, and just plain calendars from Staples.

In 2016, I tried something complete new. Using an inexpensive blank notebook from Target, I turned it into a powerhouse journal using the BuJo system.

It’s been working great, but I kind of miss the extra features that published planners offer like…preprinted lines, inspirational quotes, and activity joggers.

So in 2017, I am going to again try something completely NEW and combine my generic BuJo organizational system with an already-printed system…

Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Daily Planner.

I loved Danielle’s The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map books and am excited to try her Desire Map Daily Planner. I am really in the mood to have a year where I pay attention to my soul and to do list, my gratitude and my goals, and my deepest desires.

The planner looks and feels beautiful and I have a sneak peak inside for you! (Click on the book to see it.)


I will be blogging about how I combine the two systems. Would you like to join me?

2017 Daily Planner

Yes! I want to know how you are using your Daily Planner from Danielle LaPorte with the Bullet Journal (BuJo) system from Ryder Carroll.

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