My name is Kat Frati and I am a woman who wants something completely different.

I want a life where I am healthy, surrounded by positive people, and connecting with others who want to spin the world in a different direction.

I want a job where I can make enough money to meet my needs, and have some left over to give to others in need around the world. A job where there is no competition; only collaboration–working hand in hand with others to serve a purpose while each of us has the exact same financial opportunity to earn an unlimited amount of money directly correlated to our efforts. A job that I can work anywhere, anytime, with anyone.

I want to surround myself with people I love, and be a person that I love. I want to live in an environment that I love, and fill that space with abundant love and peaceful things.

I want it all…and now I can. I’ve found a way.


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