Yes…I am a millionaire. Actually, a “millionairesse” in old-fashioned terms.

I laugh because you wouldn’t know it. I am not dripping in diamonds, eating caviar, or being driven by my chauffeur in a Rolls Royce.

I wear affordable silver jewelry, eat mostly organic food, and drive a hail-damaged hybrid Toyota Camry (paid in cash). My life is not ordinary, nor is it lavish. I encounter problems and obstacles everyday, yet I am happy. My life is easy, and it is hard at the same time. It’s all relative.

I aspired to be a millionaire, but it came to me in different ways than I had imagined. Hard work, smart thinking, gifts, luck, and serendipity all contributed to my net worth summiting the million dollar mark. While the money is nice, the perspective I have gained at the apex is where my real fortune lies. I am CONFIDENT.

I didn’t even know being confident would be my greatest treasure. Little things like filling up my fuel efficient car at the gas station has become fulfilling and pleasurable, instead of draining (my wallet) and stressful. The stress associated with paying my monthly bills has gone away because I am able to set them up on auto payment and maintain enough money in my checking account to always pay them. I can take my four kids out for dinner every once in a while and not panic when the bill comes.

The biggest surprise, however, is I am investing in myself more. Not by buying myself more things, but allowing myself to take more chances to grow. I converted a house into a rental opportunity, and now pay my entire current mortgage with the monthly profits. My husband and I sold our old waterskiing boat and used the profits to buy a moving truck to start a moving business. I leveraged my good FICO number to help us buy another house and move our business to a more thriving city. I allowed myself to take a few risks to help grow our moving business to a $1,000,000 business in just two years. I set us up to start saving $1000 a week for retirement. I started my dream company, And this type of investing continues….

After a few “investments”, I started to ask myself “why didn’t I do this sooner”? Some of the investments could have happened on a smaller scale before I reached my financial goal. It is amazing how many limiting beliefs I had that were unnecessary.

Do you have limiting beliefs about what you are capable of achieving? Would you like some help changing those and determining what is really possible in your life TODAY? Would you like to learn how to ask for and manifest your dreams right now, just like I do now? Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and make your hard work really pay off for you, like I have learned to do?

It makes me happy to help others. I am a great listener and can easily spot your limiting beliefs. I’d be happy to guide you to a better path. Stay connected with me via Facebook and look for opportunities for us to connect!