I hate doing laundry, and I think my kids do, too.

It can be so overwhelming, can’t it? (Especially if it is all sitting in a pile on your floor.)

I taught this secret to my kids, and I want to share it with you.

Divide your clothes into four groups:

  1. Pants
  2. Tops
  3. Underwear and socks
  4. Anything else

Pull out anything that is ALL WHITE and put it in it’s own pile.

  • You should have four piles. Put them in four trash bags or baskets.
  • Wash them one pile at a time. You can spread this out over a few days.
  • Fold them and put them away. This should be easy because they are all the same type!
  • Do it all again next week. (Argh. Where’s mom when you need her?)

What do you think of this process? Will you try it? Share your photos online! #grownupgirl

P.S. I found this really cool collapsible clothes basket online–perfect for small rooms!