RoutineI have a love-hate relationship with routines. On one hand, I love them because they bring so much order and peace to my life. One the other hand, my ADD personality hates them because they can be so boring sometimes!

Regardless, I do recognize the immense value a routine adds to my life, and I am very grateful when I am able to stick to it:


  • Make my bed. This is my special treat to myself and always makes me happy when I come into my bedroom later. It also provides a good work surface for other chores such as folding clothes, and sorting through my backpacks.
  • Pack a grab-and-go breakfast and lunch. Now that I don’t work out of the house anymore, I find that it’s much easier to get out of the door if I don’t have to clean the kitchen first. I use Sunday and Wednesday to create some grab-and-go options to store in the refrigerator and pantry, and fill in the gaps the other days.
  • Work out. Yes, I am going to the gym in the mornings now. I love the bike and make sure I do an extra long stretch & meditation on the big ball. I make sure I have my gym bag packed with my shower supplies, travel make-up kit (I keep a duplicate set on hand to make things easy for me), and outfit for the day.


This is my optimal work time, so I try to stay super-focused on my big task for the day.


Time for a time-out. I make sure I get outside and go somewhere pretty. Today, I am going to go to the museum down the street for quick look at the latest exhibit (with my museum pass). Yesterday, I walked down to the city square and got some fresh juice.


My Hour of Power. You know those telephone calls, bills, and tasks that need to be addressed? I like to set my timer for an hour and get as many done as possible during my low energy time in the afternoon. I will also have a cup of tea and light snack of fruit or vegetables to help re-energize me.


Wild card. Sometimes it’s a light meal, or date night dinner out. I don’t put a lot of emphasis on this because I don’t sleep well if I eat too much at night these days.


Wind down. As an entrepreneur, there is never enough time to do everything but I really try to refrain from working after dinner. I might putter around the house, watch a movie, or read. Light stuff.


This is my cleaning day when I tidy our stuff so our cleaning crew can come in and scrub down the house. I know that I would never get around to wiping down the bathrooms and floors, so it is worth paying for our weekly green cleaning service (and I love that the house smells like lemongrass afterwards). For you, it would be best if once a week each roommate would take time to do a particular chore like scrubbing the bathroom and vacuuming/mopping the floors. You all will feel so good when your home is clean!


I do a quick tidy to get ready for a relaxing weekend and get a jump start on Monday morning’s tidy.

What’s your routine? Do you even have one? I HIGHLY recommend you take a few minutes and write one down even if you don’t have one now. You will be surprised at how having a routine can bring you a sense of comfort knowing that YOU control your life.

In love, gratitude, and bliss.