At the beginning of the week, she took her debit card and withdrew $100 out of her bank account. “This money,” she told herself, “has the power to energize my cells and fortify my immune system.” She blessed the money as she put it in her grocery envelope and headed to the market to pick up some fresh, healthy food for the week.

Do you want to know one of the easiest things you can do to stay on a financial budget? Pay cash for food.

By limiting yourself to a set amount of disposable money for food and using cash to keep track of it, you can focus on growing your health while protecting your wealth at the same time.

Here are some tips to help you:

* Create a budget amount of money to be used for all things edible for the week. Be reasonable yet realistic and don’t be surprised if you might need to change it the next week because you underestimated it.
* Find a fun envelope in which to keep your food money. Decorate it with images of fresh food and words reflecting optimum health.
* Keep a list of your favorite healthy foods in the envelope. Often times we “forget” how to eat healthy and fallback to convenience food which is often less nutritious.
* Keep a journal of healthy meals you like to prepare. Meal planning can be made easier this way.
* Make a grocery list. This will always help make your money last longer.
* Clean out your refrigerator. Having room enough to display all your healthy food for the week will make you feel excited to eat it.
* Take fresh food out of its store package and display it properly. Store veggies in clear bags or glass containers so you can see their beauty. Store lettuces in rubber containers to keep it fresh. Cut off ends of asparagus and store upright in a mug full of water.
* Prep your food, if desired. Cut broccoli and cauliflower into bit-sized pieces. Shred carrots and keep in glass jar.
* Create grab-and-go foods. Hard boiled eggs, nut mixes in small bags, cut veggies, salad in a jar, veggie spring rolls.
* Use a soft-sided insulated lunch bag. When you don’t have time to prepare a lunch, throw the ingredients in the bag with a small cutting board and knife. Prepare it at your destination.
* Plate your food. Displaying your food on a nice plate can bring so much joy to eating it. Don’t forget your cloth napkin!
* Savor eating out. When you do allow yourself the convenience of eating out, pick someplace you really enjoy and be present in the experience. It will give your dollars more value.
* Try to find ways to stretch the dollar. Make your latte at home. Buy generic. Learn to cook. Don’t waste food by not using it. Eat a lot of rice and grains.

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