She stopped and tuned in to her nose. “Why is it sometimes I don’t notice the smells around me?” she wondered. It didn’t matter because as she sat silently exploring the scents around her, her olfactory system responded and started painting a picture of her surroundings. Rice cooking on the stove, lavender oil in the diffuser, and fresh spring air coming through the screen door.

Many years ago when I had cancer, I had the ability to be able to smell everything around me at all times. It was like I was a hound dog, and I took great pleasure in all the amazing scents that surrounded me at all times (even the not-so-good ones).

After I finished my chemotherapy and radiation treatment and life started getting back to (my new) normal, I lost that ability. Not that I really noticed because it was replaced by a high level of gratitude (which was just as nice).

Decades later, I ask myself why I was able to have that ability then and not now?

I figured out it was because I was fully present when I was going through cancer treatment. You know, living like you were dying (as the song goes). I know this because I can still get in that state, but it only happens when I am deliberate.

We all have the capability to do that and I highly recommend it on a daily basis. You will experience so many delights!

How To Use Smells to Help You Feel Good

  • Sit down, close your eyes, and stay still. Notice the smells around you. Turn your focus deeper and inhale for a stronger sensation.
  • Smell your food when you are preparing it. Fresh fruits and vegetables smell amazing, and don’t forget about fresh herbs and spices.
  • Sniff your products you use everyday. So much of our daily routine includes products such as soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, dish detergent that all have some kind of scent to it, usually pleasant. (Make sure that they are safe and naturally based, preferably made from botanics.)
  • Use a diffuser in your bedroom at night with an essential oil. (I highly recommend dōTERRA oils for their exceptional quality and value.) This is especially good in winter when the air is dry, but can be enjoyable all year long. You can also carry that essential oil scent with you all day long by using my favorite Tree of Life diffuser bracelet.
  • Light a fragrant candle. It’s one of my favorite ways to create amazing ambience and my guests love it when they come over to my house. My go-to candles are from Woodwick and crackle when they burn. (How DO that do that?)

What smells turn you on?