Thank you for purchasing my Setting and Manifesting your 2016 New Year’s Goals & Dreams GOLD LIVE workshop with 12 one-to-one Manifesting Sessions!

I think you will find this workshop is very different from any other goal-setting exercises you have done. Before we start, I have a few requests from you:

  • This workshop is going to require you to really be relaxed so you can listen to your inner guidance system. Since we are going to do the work while on the computer, I would like you to set up your workspace in a quiet space where you can focus and relax, yet be productive. It should be a place where you enjoy sitting and have good access to the internet.
  • We are going to use Evernote to record your goals. Please make sure you have signed up for this free tool prior to our first meeting. (Click HERE to sign up.)
  • We are going to have two 2-hour meetings together. The first one (SESSION 1) is when you write down your dream goals (or as Abraham-Hicks calls them–“Rockets of Desire”) in five areas, specifically:
    • Health
    • Wealth
    • Love
    • Gratitude
    • Bliss
  • The second meeting (SESSION 2) is when I help you create your Weekly Thrust Report. This on-demand session will help you set your priorities and create a forceful action plan to help you get closer to reaching your dreams.
  • I will then be available for twelve more 30-minute Manifesting Sessions to be scheduled at your desired times (on-demand) throughout the year (SESSION 3-12).

So, now it’s time to book your first workshop session with me! [bpscheduler_booking_form]

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