“My greatest strength is common sense. I’m really a standard brand – like Campbell’s tomato soup or Baker’s chocolate.”  — Katharine Hepburn

I think everyone should brand themselves.

Why? It’s a great way to really get comfortable with yourself.

I decided to do it a few months ago.

I started with designing and printing an informational card (“Calling Card”) about myself. The card included my name, email address, phone number, my business website & QR code (optional), some attributes to describe me, and most importantly, a PHOTO of me.

Photo? Yikes! Really?

Yes. Having your photo on your card accomplishes two things–it forces you to become comfortable with the face that other people look at when they meet you, and it helps the other person remember whose card they received days later.

Here are some suggested steps to create your own Calling Card:

1. Have someone take a great photograph of you. I was fortunate to find a professional photographer who was going to be up near my home and was offering a special package for people who wanted business photos. I told her I wanted a shot of me in nature, so we picked a great spot by the ocean. I brought a few different sweaters in colors that I love most and had her shoot me in all of them. While I hired a professional, it’s not essential. A friend with a great camera or iPhone could capture a good shot of you, as well. Just make sure the lighting is good and the background is beautiful.

2. Decide what colors and patterns resonate with you. I have always loved paisley prints, so I found one that also has a color palette that makes me happy. Try to stick with three main coordinating colors. If you are not sure about coordinating colors, check a color wheel for advice.

3. Add are a few key words to describe your unique skills. For instance, if you love to draw, choose “Aspiring Artist”. If you like to write, choose “Wordsmith”. If cooking is your passion, choose “Culinary Goddess”. Try to come up with three different key words that describe your talents. Don’t be afraid to tout your talents–they are great conversation starters!

4. Add your contact information. Make sure you include your email and phone number. I recommend leaving your mailing address off in case you move before you run out of cards.

5. Find a good design that resonates with your personality. While I had my graphic designer create mine, I also love the fun variety of choices at MOO Business Cards. Don’t forget to use both the front and back sides.

6. Make sure you completely love the design before you get them printed. Take your time and rework them if you need to. They are going to reflect the essense of you, and you will want to be excited to share them with others.

7. Print only the amount that you can afford.

I would LOVE to see what type of card you end up designing for yourself. Email a version of it to kathleen@grownUPgirl.com and I’ll post it on this site for all to see.

Here’s mine!

Business Cards

Q: Do you have any other tips for girls who want to create a Calling Card for themselves?