Congratulations! You landed a nice guy to call your own. He’s adorable, makes you smile so much your cheeks hurt, and you feel happier than you ever knew you could. (Well, at least for now.)

What now? How are you going to keep your relationship moving in a happy and healthy direction?

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Guys really want to feel like they are making you happy. Acting bitchy or crabby causes them much discomfort. Try to use your girlfriends or journal to hash out your unhappy feelings before you discuss possible solutions with your man.
  • When talking to your man, don’t roll your eyes when you disagree. In order to get respect, you have to give it. Be very careful how you communicate–keep it classy, girlfriend.
  • Don’t mother him. Let him take care of his affairs on his own. You can advise him, encourage him, and support him, but don’t control him and take over his life.
  • Adore him. Be generous pointing out his strengths and thank him for the little things he does for you. The male ego loves that!
  • Don’t forget to spend time by yourself or with others. Learning to be happy with him AND happy without him is an important part of a healthy relationship. Don’t get yourself into a needy or possessive situation.

NOTE: There are three components to every relationship: you, me, and the “we”. All you need to worry about is YOUR actions. If your actions are good and his actions are good, the “we” will be pure LOVE!

Having a boyfriend can be very healthy, fun, comforting, and wonderful. It’s nice to have a steady companion for life’s adventures, and the good times can be really amazing. However, keeping your relationship strong and positive will require skillful actions, patience, good communicating and boundary setting skills, and a lot of trust.

When the times get tough (and they will), remember these and don’t be afraid to get additional help from friends or counselors. Meanwhile, enjoy! <3


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