21 Day Challenge_fitness

I recently created my own, personal 21-Day Challenge where I would walk one hour a day–for 21 days.

Now, to some of you this would be a very easy challenge, but less than 2 years ago I had open-heart surgery and walking a full hour was very daunting to me.

I decided I need to face it head on, so I found accountability maven, Karen Basulto, and paid her a daily rate for keeping me on the wagon. She was great at letting me know that the first week would be tough, and to call her if I was having troubles and we’d talk it out.

It turned out I didn’t have many troubles, until the last 7 days when I slipped on the ice, damaging my gluteus muscle and wearing out my achilles tendons. No worry, because I found I could still bike a few days later and kept up the pace.

I just started my second 21-Day Challenge, picking something that would accommate my current injuries: 5 yoga sun salutations a day.

Here’s my tips for your 21-Day Challenge:

  • Pick something that is currently very difficult for you. The first few times you do it will be terrible. (My first sun salutation yesterday was pathetic.) If you allow yourself to experience near failure a few times, what you will find is over time you will become a little bit better at it. Success comes in baby steps and inches. By the end, you will be amazed at how far you have come, and will be a changed person.
  • Hire or pick a good accountability partner. I worked out a code word to text Karen after I completed my daily challenge. My word was symbollic to me, and for the hour walk I picked “Water Joy #” because I knew that walking would help me get more limber for an upcoming Florida waterskiing trip, and also make me happy and give me access to the feeling of joy. My yoga challenge word is “Sunshine #” and my accountability partner is my friend, Valerie.
  • If one day you can’t complete it all, join two half attempts together and make a whole. This challenge is 100% yours and you get to make the rules. Any attempt is better than nothing, and the effort should count for something.
  • When you are done, pick a new 21-Day Challenge. Mix it up. Pick something completely different. After yoga, I think I might start swimming. I also have a ukelele challenge in on my list. You will be amazed how well rounded you can get if you keep them going.

I encourage you to look within your self and pick something that would propel your life to another level higher. Maybe it’s cooking dinner from scratch every night, jumping rope 100 times a day, sitting down and reading for an hour a day, writing a letter a day, or taking the dog on a fun run every day.

Who’s up for it? Leave your 21-Day Challenge and code word in the comments below and we’ll cheer you on!


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